The Viagra Spam Collection

As a victim of spam companies that regularly "bombs" my mailbox with unwanted junk, I decided to create a somewhat funny collection of the most popluar spam - the Viagra spam.
The spammers that send all these Viagra message use sophisticated techniques to penetrate through all modern spam filters:

  1. The spam is send as a GIF image, so spam filters that use text filtering won't be able to detect it.
  2. The spam messages are modified every day, including the ad design, the domain of the Web site, and even the price of the Viagra pills is changed frequently...
  3. In some spam message, the text is written in italic, to avoid detection by OCR spam filters.
  4. The spammers also add some "noise" (In a form of dots, lines and other shapes) to the spam image.
And finally, here's the collection of Viagra message that I received in the last few months.