What's New In Volumouse 2 Beta 1

  • Volumouse now allows you to configure up to 12 rules, in 2 pages.
  • Volumouse x64 now supports both x64 applications and 32-bit applications.
  • On Windows Vista/7/2008 you can now change the volume of specific application. (See the 'Windows 7/Vista/2008 Options' in the 'Advanced Rule Options' window)
  • On Screen Display indicator now allows you to add your own text that describes the rule.
  • Added 'Send Hot Keys' component, which allows you to send the specified keys combination to the active application on every wheel move. (Be careful with this feature: Don't use it with Ctrl/Shift/Alt keys on the rule's condition)
  • Added "Don't restrict the indicator position to screen size" option for TrackBar indicators. This feature may be useful for users with multiple monitors.

Changes In Beta 2

  • All buttons are now standard buttons of Windows (without colors)
  • If Volumouse cannot save the .cfg file into the folder of volumouse.exe, the .cfg file is now saved into the user profile. ( C:\Users\[profile name]\AppData\Local\Volumouse\volumouse.cfg )
    This change solves problem with saving the .cfg file on Windows 7 64-bit.

Changes In Beta 3

  • New powerful feature: Custom Key Combination. You can now create a rule with every key combination you want. For example: if you want to change the volume when both Windows key and left control key are pressed, simply choose 'Custom keys are pressed' in the condition combo-box, and then in the 'Advanced Rule Option' window, check the 'Windows Key' and 'Left Control' options.
    You can also use this feature with all other conditions. For example, you can choose the 'Mouse cursor over the taskbar' condition, and then in the Custom Key Combination, select the Shift key, so the rule will be used only when the mouse cursor is over the taskbar and the Shift key is pressed.

How to try the Beta version of Volumouse 2

  • Download the right Volumouse package. If you have Windows 32-bit, download the 32-bit package of Volumouse. If you have Windows x64, download the x64 package of Volumouse.
  • Extract the zip package of Volumouse into a new empty folder.
  • Optionally, you can copy the volumouse.cfg from previous version of Volumouse into the new one, if you want to keep your settings.
  • Exit from the current running version of Volumouse. Simply right-click on the Volumouse taskbar icon, and choose 'Exit Completely'.
  • Run volumouse.exe by double-clicking it from Windows Explorer. (On the x64 package there is also volumouse32.exe, but you should not run it.)

Download Volumouse Beta (32-bit)
Download Volumouse Beta for x64