WHOIS servers list for all domain types

In the following text file, you can find the list of all WHOIS servers (port 43) which provide information about registered domains. This list contains the WHOIS servers for generic domains (For example: .com, .org, .net, and so on) as well as for country code domains (For example: .sk, .pl, .it, .de, and so on...)
This list is also internally used in the WhoisThisDomain and WhoisCL utilities.

The structure of the file is very simple. Each line contains the domain extension, a single space character, and then the whois server address. For example:

it whois.nic.it  
je whois.je

In the above example, you can see that in order to get information about domains of italy (for example: xyz.it) , you should connect the whois.nic.it WHOIS server or if you want to get information about .je domain, use the whois.je server.

This servers list if freely available for any use and without any restriction. However, you should avoid from running an automatic script that downloads the servers list very frequently. If you do so, your IP address might be blocked.

If you find a mistake in the list or you know about any WHOIS server that is not listed here, please report to nirsofer@yahoo.com, and the servers list will be updated accordingly.

Download/View the WHOIS servers list

;WHOIS Servers List
;Maintained by Nir Sofer
;This servers list if freely available for any use and without any restriction. 
;For more information: http://www.nirsoft.net/whois_servers_list.html
;Last updated on 09/03/2014
ac whois.nic.ac
ae whois.aeda.net.ae
aero whois.aero
af whois.nic.af
ag whois.nic.ag
al whois.ripe.net
am whois.amnic.net
as whois.nic.as
asia whois.nic.asia
at whois.nic.at
au whois.aunic.net
ax whois.ax 
az whois.ripe.net
ba whois.ripe.net
be whois.dns.be
bg whois.register.bg
bi whois.nic.bi
biz whois.neulevel.biz
bj www.nic.bj
br whois.nic.br
br.com whois.centralnic.com
bt whois.netnames.net
by whois.cctld.by
bz whois.belizenic.bz
ca whois.cira.ca
cat whois.cat
cc whois.nic.cc
cd whois.nic.cd
ch whois.nic.ch 
ck whois.nic.ck
cl whois.nic.cl
cn whois.cnnic.net.cn
cn.com whois.centralnic.com
co whois.nic.co
co.nl whois.co.nl
com whois.verisign-grs.com
coop whois.nic.coop
cx whois.nic.cx
cy whois.ripe.net
cz whois.nic.cz
de whois.denic.de
dk whois.dk-hostmaster.dk
dm whois.nic.cx
dz whois.nic.dz
edu whois.educause.net
ee whois.tld.ee
eg whois.ripe.net
es whois.nic.es
eu whois.eu
eu.com whois.centralnic.com
fi whois.ficora.fi
fo whois.nic.fo
fr whois.nic.fr
gb whois.ripe.net
gb.com whois.centralnic.com
gb.net whois.centralnic.com
qc.com whois.centralnic.com
ge whois.ripe.net
gl whois.nic.gl
gm whois.ripe.net
gov whois.nic.gov
gr whois.ripe.net
gs whois.nic.gs
hk whois.hknic.net.hk
hm whois.registry.hm
hn whois2.afilias-grs.net
hr whois.dns.hr
hu whois.nic.hu
hu.com whois.centralnic.com
id whois.pandi.or.id
ie whois.domainregistry.ie
il whois.isoc.org.il
in whois.inregistry.net
info whois.afilias.info
int whois.isi.edu
io whois.nic.io
iq vrx.net
ir whois.nic.ir
is whois.isnic.is
it whois.nic.it
je whois.je
jobs jobswhois.verisign-grs.com
jp whois.jprs.jp
ke whois.kenic.or.ke
kg whois.domain.kg
kr whois.nic.or.kr
la whois2.afilias-grs.net
li whois.nic.li
lt whois.domreg.lt
lu whois.restena.lu
lv whois.nic.lv
ly whois.lydomains.com
ma whois.iam.net.ma
mc whois.ripe.net
md whois.nic.md
me whois.nic.me
mil whois.nic.mil
mk whois.ripe.net
mobi whois.dotmobiregistry.net
ms whois.nic.ms
mt whois.ripe.net
mu whois.nic.mu
mx whois.nic.mx
my whois.mynic.net.my
name whois.nic.name
net whois.verisign-grs.com
nf whois.nic.cx
ng whois.nic.net.ng
nl whois.domain-registry.nl
no whois.norid.no
no.com whois.centralnic.com
nu whois.nic.nu
nz whois.srs.net.nz
org whois.pir.org
pl whois.dns.pl
pr whois.nic.pr
pro whois.registrypro.pro
pt whois.dns.pt
pw whois.nic.pw
ro whois.rotld.ro
ru whois.tcinet.ru
sa saudinic.net.sa
sa.com whois.centralnic.com
sb whois.nic.net.sb
sc whois2.afilias-grs.net
se whois.nic-se.se
se.com whois.centralnic.com
se.net whois.centralnic.com
sg whois.nic.net.sg
sh whois.nic.sh
si whois.arnes.si
sk whois.sk-nic.sk
sm whois.nic.sm
st whois.nic.st
so whois.nic.so
su whois.tcinet.ru
tc whois.adamsnames.tc
tel whois.nic.tel
tf whois.nic.tf
th whois.thnic.net
tj whois.nic.tj
tk whois.nic.tk
tl whois.domains.tl
tm whois.nic.tm
tn whois.ati.tn
to whois.tonic.to
tp whois.domains.tl
tr whois.nic.tr
travel whois.nic.travel
tw whois.twnic.net.tw
tv whois.nic.tv
tz whois.tznic.or.tz
ua whois.ua
uk whois.nic.uk
uk.com whois.centralnic.com
uk.net whois.centralnic.com
ac.uk whois.ja.net
gov.uk whois.ja.net
us whois.nic.us
us.com whois.centralnic.com
uy nic.uy
uy.com whois.centralnic.com
uz whois.cctld.uz
va whois.ripe.net
vc whois2.afilias-grs.net
ve whois.nic.ve
vg whois.adamsnames.tc
ws whois.website.ws
xxx whois.nic.xxx
yu whois.ripe.net
za.com whois.centralnic.com