Pre-release NirSoft Tools

The following tools are currently in development stage. They don't have their own icons, there is no screenshot, there is no help file, and there are no translations, only a short description is available. If you choose to download and try to use them, do it with extreme caution, and of course it's at your own risk !!

The zip files are password-protected. The password to extract the files is SoftNirPre987@

TraceMenuID scans all running applications that use the standard menu items of Windows and displays the list of all menu items and their ID. You can use this tool to easily find ID of menu items and then use the ID to execute the menu item using GUIPropView or any other tool that sends WM_COMMAND message. Be aware that many popular applications don't use the standard menu system of Windows and thus this tool won't detect them.
Also, some menu items are detected only at the moment you click the menu bar and the menu is displayed on the screen.

Download TraceMenuID

SecurityQuestionsView is simple tool that allows you to extract the security questions (Including answers) of Windows 10 operating system. You can extract the security questions from your running system (Elevation is required) or from external drive.

Download SecurityQuestionsView

ExtPassword! is a powerful tool that extracts passwords and other important data from external hard drive of Windows operating system.
Currently, ExtPassword! supports the following types of passwords: SMTP/POP3/IMAP/HTTP passwords stored by Microsoft Outlook, Web site passwords stored by Chromium-based Web browsers and Firefox-based Web browsers, Web site passwords stored by Microsoft Edge, SMTP/POP3/IMAP passwords stored by Thunderbird, Dialup/VPN passwords stored by Windows operating system, Passwords stored in Windows Credentials files, wireless network keys stored by Windows operating system, security questions of Windows 10, and product keys of Microsoft products.

In order to decrypt all types of passwords, you have to provide the following information: The base path of the external drive (e.g: K:\ ), login passwords of the users (you can type multiple passwords), Master passwords of Mozilla software (Firefox, Thunderbird).

Download ExtPassword!

DocumentTextExtractor is a simple tool that allows you to extract text from documents (html files, MS-Office files, pdf files), using the search handlers installed on your system.
In order to extract the text from document, simply drag the document file from Explorer window into the main window of DocumentTextExtractor, or use the 'Open Document File' option (Ctrl+O).
You can also generate a text file from command-line, for example this command extracts the text from 1.docx and saves it into 1.txt:
DocumentTextExtractor.exe /ExtractText c:\temp\1.docx c:\temp\1.txt

Be aware that this tool works only if the right search filter is installed on your system. In order to extract text from pdf files, you may need to install the PDF iFilter of Adobe.

Download DocumentTextExtractor 32-bit

Download DocumentTextExtractor 64-bit

RegHiveBackup is a simple tool for Windows that allows you to easily backup the Registry files on your system into the specified folder. Simply specify the backup folder, the Registry hives to backup (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and others), and then click the 'Create Registry Backup' button to create the backup.
RegHiveBackup also allows to choose different mode to backup the user Registry hives (ntuser.dat and UsrClass.dat): You can backup the user Registry hives of the user who runs RegHiveBackup, you can choose to backup the Registry hive of another user, or you can choose to backup the Registry hives of all users on your system.

RegHiveBackup works on any version of Windows - from Windows XP and up to Windows 10. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

Download RegHiveBackup

LostMyPassword is a tool for Windows that allows you to recover a lost password, if it's stored by a software installed on your system. LostMyPassword can extract the passwords from popular programs, including Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and more...), POP3/IMAP/SMTP passwords stored by email software (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail), Dialup/VPN passwords stored by Windows operating system, login passwords of remote computer stored by Windows operating system.
You can use the LostMyPassword tool in 2 modes: as normal user, and as Administrator. The Administrator mode is needed for some types of passwords because they cannot be decrypted without Administrator privileges.
If you have 64-bit system, you should use the 64-bit version of LostMyPassword to ensure that you get all passwords stored on your system.

Download LostMyPassword 32-bit

Download LostMyPassword 64-bit