Check password strength on Windows

Password Security Scanner is tool for Windows operating system that scans your system, finds the passwords stored by Web browsers, email software ,and Windows operating system, and then displays security information for these passwords: Password Strength, Password Length, number of numeric characters, number of lowercase characters, number of uppercase characters, number of repeating characters, and so on...

Password Security Scanner doesn't display the passwords themselves, so it allows a user to check the passwords security of another user, without the embarrassment of viewing the passwords of the other person.

Password Security Scanner calculates the password strength according to the password length, use of numbers and lowercase/uppercase characters, repeating characters, and so on.
The password strength is displayed as a numeric value under the 'Password Strength' column, and the items are also painted according to the password strength - from red (insecure password) to green (secure password).

Password Security Checker

Some types of passwords (Dialup/VPN, Windows Credentials) can only be extracted from the system with Administrator privilege. So in order to check the strength of these passwords, you have to run this tool as Administrator (Elevation). You can do it by pressing Ctrl+F11 (or from the menu - Help -> Run As Administrator ).
Also, if you have 64-bit version of Windows operating system, you should use the 64-bit version of Password Security Scanner in order to get password security information for Windows Credentials passwords.

If you want to only display the information about passwords with low 'passwords strength' values, you can open the 'Advanced Options' window (press F9), select the 'Display only items with password strength lower than...' option and then type the passwords strength threshold to filter:

Password Strength Filter

You can download the Password Security Scanner tool from this Web page.