How to easily copy your VPN / dialup passwords from one computer to another.
  • First... before copying the user names and password of your VPNs and Dialup items, you have to copy the settings of VPN/Dialup items. You can easily do it by copying the phonebook file (rasphone.pbk) located on %appdata%\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk to the other computer.
  • In order to copy the user names, domain names, passwords, and Pre-Shared keys - download and run the Dialupass Software. Be aware that you may get Antivirus warning for this software because it's a password-recovery tool.
  • Select the items that you want to copy and press Ctrl+A to select all items.
  • Press F8 ('Copy /setpass Command-Line' option).
  • Open Notepad or any other text editor and paste (Ctrl+V) the generated commands that Dialupass copied to the clipboard.
  • Save the commands to a file with .cmd extension. Be aware that the passwords are stored in this file as plain text, so it's recommended to destroy this file after you finish to copy the passwords.
  • On the other computer - put Dialupass.exe and the .cmd file you saved in the first computer on the same folder.
  • Open a new command-prompt window as Administrator and then run the .cmd file.
  • If you followed the instructions correctly, the user names, domain names, passwords, and Pre-Shared keys are now stored in the dialup/VPN items.