Open comma-delimited text from output (stdout) of another program

CSVFileView is a freeware tool that allows you to easily open and view tab-delimited file or comma-delimited (csv) file, without need of any installation.
The CSVFileView software is just small standalone .exe file (CSVFileView.exe) that you can put in any folder you like and run it.

If you have another software that generates output in comma-delimited or tab-delimited format and sends it through stdout, you can use the CSVFileView tool to receive this output and then display it as a table in GUI or convert the output to another format.

For example: In the following command - USBDeview (Another tool of NirSoft) sends a list of USB devices to stdout in comma-delimited format, and then CSVFileView receives this information (/Load stdin: command) and displays it as a table.
USBDeview.exe /AddExportHeaderLine 1 /scomma "" | CSVFileView.exe /Load stdin:

Be aware that you must execute this command in command-prompt window:
Open comma-delimited from stdout

After running this command, the result looks like this:
Load CSV file from stdin

You can also use the same feature to convert the stdout of the other program to another file format that CSVFileView supports.
For example, the following command converts the comma-delimited output of USBDeview tool to tab-delimited text and saves it to udb-list.txt
USBDeview.exe /AddExportHeaderLine 1 /scomma "" | CSVFileView.exe /Load stdin: /stab "c:\myfiles\udb-list.txt"

The following command saves the comma-delimited output of USBDeview tool as html file that you can view in any Web browser:
USBDeview.exe /AddExportHeaderLine 1 /scomma "" | CSVFileView.exe /Load stdin: /shtml "c:\myfiles\udb-list.html"