Run as different user from command line and GUI with AdvancedRun tool

AdvancedRun is tool for Windows operating system that allows you to run a program with different settings that you choose, for example: You can run a program as SYSTEM user, run a program without elevation, run a program with the specified user name, domain, and password, run a program with the desired environment variables, and so on...
The AdvancedRun tool is a standalone .exe file that doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files, you can simply put the .exe file in any folder you like and run it.

In order to run a program with specific user, simply run the AdvancedRun tool, fill the .exe file you want to run in the 'Program to Run' field, and then in the 'Run As' combo-box select the 'Specified user name and password' option. Fill the user name, password, and optionally the domain name. Optionally, you can also fill other fields, like command-line arguments, start directory, and so on...
After you fill all desired fields, simply click the 'Run' button to run the program.

Run with user name and password

If you want to launch the AdvancedRun tool directly from Windows Explorer, simply press the 'Add Explorer Menu' button in the main window of AdvancedRun. After adding the Explorer menu, you can right-lick on any .exe file on Windows Explorer and you'll see the 'Advanced Run' menu item:

Advanced Run Context Menu Item

When you choose the 'Advanced Run' menu item, the AdvancedRun will be opened with the selected .exe file, and then you can choose to run the .exe with different user, as well as other run settings.

AdvancedRun also allows you to run a program as different user from command-line.
For example, the following command runs RegEdit of Windows with the user admin1 and Admin567# as the password:
AdvancedRun.exe /EXEFilename "c:\windows\regedit.exe" /RunAsUserName "admin1" /RunAsPassword "Admin567#" /RunAs 7 /Run