Search Windows Event Log by Event ID

FullEventLogView is a freeware tool for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista that allows you to search the event log of Windows by date/time, Event IDs list, providers, channels, and event description.
The FullEventLogView software is just small standalone .exe file (FullEventLogView.exe) that you can put in any folder you like and run it without need of any installation.

Here's how to search the Event Log of Windows by list of Event ID.

  1. Run FullEventLogView.exe and press F9 (Advanced Options)
  2. In the 'Advanced Options' window, choose the 'Show only the specified event IDs' from the combo-box and then type a list of Event IDs you want to find, delimited by comma
  3. Optionally, You can limit the event log search for the last days/hours/minutes or for the desired date/time range.
  4. Press the 'OK' button to start searching the event log.

    Event Log Search By Event ID

After the event log search is finishes, you can see all found events in a table:

Event ID Search Result

FullEventLogView also allows you to search Windows Event Log by Event ID and then export search result to comma-delimited/tab-delimited/HTML/XML/JSON file.
For example, the following command searches the event log of Windows for the specified Event IDs (41, 42, 1, 1074, 6005, 6006) and then exports the result to event-id-list.csv :
FullEventLogView.exe /EventIDFilter 2 /EventIDFilterStr "41, 42, 1, 1074, 6005, 6006" /scomma "c:\files\event-id-list.csv"