Search Outlook attachment with the OutlookAttachView tool

OutlookAttachView is a freeware tool that allows you to search attachments of Microsoft Outlook according to their size, filename, message time, message subject, text stored in document file, and more. You can activate the search from the GUI as well as from command-line. After finding the desired Outlook attachments - you can copy them into a folder on your computer, or export the attachments list to comma-delimited/tab-delimited/html/xml file.
OutlookAttachView is a standalone .exe file that you can simply put in any folder you want and run it without need of any installation process.

In order to start searching attachments with OutlookAttachView, you have to download the right version from the OutlookAttachView Web page. If your Outlook is 32-bit, you have the download the 32-bit version of OutlookAttachView. If your Outlook is 64-bit, you have to download the 64-bit version of OutlookAttachView.

After downloading the right version, run OutlookAttachView.exe, and the 'Mailbox Scan Option' window will be displayed.
In the 'Mailbox Scan Option' window, you have multiple options to search the attachments of Outlook:

  • Scan only messages created in the specified date range
  • Scan only messages created in the last xx days.
  • Search only Outlook attachments in the specified size range.
  • Search only Outlook attachments that match the specified wildcards (Comma-Delimited List)
  • Exclude Outlook attachments that match the specified wildcards (Comma-Delimited List)
  • Scan only messages that their subject contain the specified string.
  • Scan only messages with the specified to/from recipients.
  • Search Outlook attachments only in the specified Outlook folders.
  • Find Outlook attached documents (Word, Excel, PDF files) which contain the specified text.

Search Outlook Attachment Options

After choosing the desired search options, press the 'OK' and OutlookAttachView will staring searching your Outlook attachments.
After the search process is finished, all found Outlook attachments are displayed in a table, and then you can select one or more attachments, and copy them to a folder on your system, using the 'Copy Selected Attachment To' option (F4).