Import NK2 addresses from a simple comma-delimited (csv) text file

NK2Edit allows you to easily import names and email addresses into your NK2 file from a simple comma-delimited (csv) text file containing the required information. You can generate the csv file by using any text editor, like the Notepad of Windows. NK2Edit can read both ASCII file and Unicode file. However, if you use non-English characters in the 'Display Name' field, it recommended to save the csv file as Unicode, to avoid from any characters conversion problems.
You can also save the csv file with UTF-8 encoding, and NK2Edit will detect it and load it properly, as long as this file has the byte order mark of UTF8 - EFBBBF.

The structure of csv file should look like this one:

SMTP, Nir Sofer, 
SMTP, NirSoft Support,
"SMTP", "NirSoft, Sales", ""
"EX", "NirSoft Admin", "/o=NirSoft/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=Admin" 
"EX", "Admins Admin", "/o=NirSoft/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=Admins",1
"EX", "Admins Admin", "/o=NirSoft/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=Admins",1, ""

The first field of every line should be SMTP for SMTP email addresses or EX for MS-Exchange addresses. The second field is the display name and the third field is the email address for SMTP records or MS-Exchange string for EX records. The fourth field is optional, and it should only be used on special records. 1 for Distribution List, 5 for Private Distribution List, and 6 for Remote User. The fifth field is optional, and it specifies the SMTP address for MS-Exchange records.

The quotes around every field are optional. However, if there is a comma character in the display name field (like in the third line of the example above), you must enclose the field with quotes.

For NK2Edit with commercial license, you can also use /import_csv_file command-line parameter for making the import process automatically from command-line, without displaying any user interface. For more information: NK2Edit Command-Line Options

You can also use the /ssimplecsv command-line option to export the email addresses stored inside the NK2 file into a csv file in the same format that can be used with this import feature.

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