How to merge 2 or more Outlook AutoComplete files

NK2Edit utility allows you to easily merge the email records stored in multiple NK2 AutoComplete files of Outlook into a single NK2 file. Here's the instructions of how to do it:
  1. Run 2 or more instances of NK2Edit, according to the number of NK2 files that you want to merge. In every window of NK2Edit, open the desired NK2 file.
  2. Optionally, you can also run another instance NK2Edit, create a newly empty NK2 file (Ctrl+N), and then merge the other NK2 files into the new one.
  3. In the NK2Edit window containing the source NK2 file, select the records that you want to merge or press Ctrl+A to select all the records. After that, press Ctrl+C to copy the records into the clipboard.
  4. In the NK2Edit window containing the destination NK2 file (it might be an existing NK2 file or a newly empty one), Go to Options->Merge Mode, and choose the desired mode for merging.
  5. Press Ctrl+V (Paste) to add the records that you copied from the other NK2 file.
  6. You can continue to copy and paste more records from other NK2 files.
  7. Starting from version 1.91, you can also copy NK2 records by dragging them from one window to the other.
  8. When you finish to copy all the NK2 records you need, it's recommended to use the 'Sort Items By Weight Values' option (under the Action Menu), so the records will be sorted properly according to the Weight values of the merged records.
  9. Finally, press Ctrl+S to save your changes into the NK2 file.

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