How to recover and repair corrupted Outlook AutoComplete files with NK2Edit

If you have any corrupted NK2 file that Outlook cannot read and the AutoComplete feature doesn't work properly, you can try to open and repair the NK2 by following the instructions below:
  1. Go to File->Open .NK2 File (Ctrl+O) and choose the corrupted NK2 file.
  2. NK2Edit will open the NK2 file and will display all the records found in it. It might also display a warning message about a problem found in the file.
  3. Backup this NK2 file (it's very important !) by using the internal backup of NK2Edit (Ctrl+B) or by manually copying the NK2 into another location.
  4. Browse through all records (in Table Edit Mode) and check if there any record with unusual characters or empty fields. If you found unusual records, simply delete them.
  5. Press Ctrl+S to save the file, and then open Outlook to check whether it can read the NK2 file properly.
  6. If Outlook still cannot read the NK2 file properly, you can try to switch into 'Raw Text Edit Mode', and then locate records with unusual fields that cannot be found with the Table Edit Mode. With 'Raw Text Edit Mode', you can manually repair .NK2 file problems.

There is also another alternative to recover your NK2 file: instead of repairing the previous NK2 file, you can create a new nk2 file, and add the desired email addresses by using 'Add Records From Mailbox Recipients' option. This option automatically scans your mailbox, collect all email addresses that you recently used, and add them into the NK2 file.

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