Monday, February 23, 2009

USBDeview now supports USB ID's list file (usb.ids)

Each USB device that you plug to your computer has 2 16-bit numbers that identifies the product: Vendor ID (vid) and Product ID (pid).
The Vendor ID represents the company that produce the USB device, while the combination of Vendor ID and Product ID represents a specific product.
Both of these values displayed by USBDeview from the earlier versions, but until now you couldn't easily use these numbers to find out the company/product name of the USB device.

Stephen J. Gowdy maintains a very large pid/vid list of popular USB devices.
Starting from version 1.35 of USBDeview, you can download his USB devices/vendors file (usb.ids) and put it on the same folder that USBDeview.exe is located. When you do that, USBDeview automatically loads this USB ID's file and find the vendor and product names according to this file. This information is displayed in 2 new columns added to USBDeview: Vendor Name and Product Name.

For more information and download link, click here


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