Hash Check For Downloaded Tools

You can use the following hashes to verify that the file you downloaded is identical to the file on the nirsoft.net server. When there are multiple downloads for the same software, you should compare the hashes of the same filename that you downloaded. You can click the hash in order to copy the hash to the clipboard.
Optionally, you can use the HashMyFiles tool to calculate the hashes of downloaded files and then when you click the hash on this Web page and it's copied to the clipboard, HashMyFiles automatically marks the file in light-green color if the hashes are identical.

You can also use the BrowserDownloadsView tool to automatically calculate the hash of downloaded files. Simply select one or more download items in the main window of BrowserDownloadsView, and from the right-click context menu choose the desired hash (MD5 or SHA1 or SHA256 or SHA512) and the calculated hash will appear under the hash column. After the hash is calculated, you can press Ctrl+H to copy the hash to the clipboard.

Be aware that the hashes in this page are updated every few minutes. If you download a file immediately after a new release, you might see here the hashes of previous file.

What to do if the hash on your system is different from the hash displayed on this Web page ?

  • Check if you have any Antivirus or Firewall that blocked the downloaded file or put it in quarantine. There are some Antivirus programs that may detect the downloaded file as a threat and modify it without telling you.
  • Try to clear the cache of your Web browser and download the file again or try to download the file from another Web browser.

Filename wnetwatcher.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wnetwatcher.zip
File Size 440650 Bytes
Update Time February 29 2024 09:07:19
MD5 Hash 88f11e2522787178b2e2bd060da344a1
SHA1 Hash d8ab67f0b05e19abd8b18e080947db5663222735
SHA256 Hash 2165a3acdd2c3625eade071ec0b3c5a77772cffbb6e0d23bc563db06f70efb8a
SHA512 Hash a88546918de10decef01a420fc3050c78b2e7459c125f547060e0b2294018c2e708da6d9ee6fcf932f252e33c9644e62ed467220027eda9fd0728ec3a6ffce80

Filename wnetwatcher-x64.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wnetwatcher-x64.zip
File Size 478954 Bytes
Update Time February 29 2024 09:07:19
MD5 Hash 3fe47b10e4255e8ad41c641ed3b3f31c
SHA1 Hash 0769718fe96f534f2aadbe0f7721e2d40c716a44
SHA256 Hash 521c7d7a46cf778ed0fea23fd4dda5f4cdd861dea16511583433c0c4ed9be837
SHA512 Hash f90ed841f428a8ddb4054e401f5a59ebde0f71712c4e2c23dfc8650d21aed59ec153ed2b177a17a84228239fd3cfc192f9722aeecb6863608f24fe5721d362d7

Filename wnetwatcher_setup.exe
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wnetwatcher_setup.exe
File Size 510799 Bytes
Update Time February 29 2024 09:07:20
MD5 Hash e8b543deafd36e644d2209756751af82
SHA1 Hash 830baa97623fd5fb36082bbb45cba6800351d3c9
SHA256 Hash 28652704ab32e66640661158b40591fa12ce57334b745d59a99b4d7376248831
SHA512 Hash 5fbc38e28a4dafeaa51717f75da47b8ee5ce292448a87bd7addb4c4311297b302db5102359af6d5679042801499d5dac28c340aed26d007787231761745cde5a

Filename WNetWatcher.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wnetwatcher.zip
File Size 428032 Bytes
Update Time February 29 2024 16:07:02
MD5 Hash 2c14e5bd63be6856a2103115a0a62170
SHA1 Hash 5e7b6e218b0d1d28c734bce170cf579fe025b1c3
SHA256 Hash a906fafaef9aae5bb0f47ce50bed21e42bd472e50b8d651c18500718db73fa4c
SHA512 Hash 64ec1e9c7576043c317261af64df596d8cd31346414a392c9e6f6db78e1767767838caffbece7b26c6f6ca4b61e7b1be6ae12ca08de6ed97b31e13f45e016edf

Filename WNetWatcher.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wnetwatcher-x64.zip
File Size 1245696 Bytes
Update Time February 29 2024 16:06:54
MD5 Hash cdde3a054aa568a905158758157df112
SHA1 Hash 5e29d892a93b79ea8c5f8f2bc1d316528a93873e
SHA256 Hash 83ed74e05c4778d42d5ca499e2fb31093d01a3be2730804d2fbb0e87eb804ac8
SHA512 Hash 87495e9148e684387fefd6d6ca620aceb0dbbed62d48a63fa52099cf47bc2d813ecb1b77c8fda9429aced7639df25bd69733f5391cb5660c9ce9d1bd4c3d6696