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Unique Free Software
Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
Remote control software which allows you to view and interact with one computer (the "server") using a simple program (the "viewer") on another computer anywhere on the Internet. The two computers don't even have to be the same type, so for example you can use VNC to view an office Linux machine on your Windows PC at home. VNC is freely and publicly available and is in widespread active use by millions throughout industry, academia and privately.
The source code is included !
Very Recommended !

Wireshark (formerly Ethereal)
Wireshark is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. It allows you to examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. You can interactively browse the capture data, viewing summary and detail information for each packet. Wireshark has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session.
Source code is available !
Very Recommended !

UPX - the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats. It achieves an excellent compression ratio and offers very fast decompression. Your executables suffer no memory overhead or other drawbacks.
Source code is available !
Very Recommended !

Very good file archiver. Supports the following file formats: ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, RPM, DEB and 7z - great open-source archive format that provides much better compression than in Zip files.
Very Recommended ! It's much better than all commercial archive managers like WinZip and WinRAR.
Inno Setup
Inno Setup is a great open-source installer for Windows. It allows you to create a single setup executable to install your software. Supports all 32-bit Windows versions: Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP and 2003.
Very Recommended !
API Monitor
API Monitor is a great and unique tool that spy on WIN32 API calls.
Very Recommended for Windows programmers !
ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery
ReclaiMe RAID Recovery is a free, user-friendly RAID recovery. It works with hard drives, disk image files, hardware and software RAIDs, and is the first automatic tool to support delayed parity in RAID 5 arrays.

Freeware Web sites created by developers
AnalogX Utilities
Good freeware utilities. Some of them are quite powerful and unique. Try it !
Miha's utilities
Collection of more than 20 freeware utilities.
David & Cecilia Taylor's Web Pages
Audio Tools, Disk Utilities, Image Utilities, Weather Satellite Tools, Network Tools, and more.
JoeJoe's freeware utilities
Nice freeware utilities.
bCheck's apps
Nice collection of freeware utilities.
Freeware Utilities
Freeware and Other Utilities by Funduc Software
Great collection of freeware utilities, most of them are provided with full source code.
Nice collection of freeware utilities created by Rohitab Batra
Colasoft Network Analyzer
Provides a nice collection of freeware network utilities, including Capsa Free Edition, MAC Scanner, Ping Tool, Packet Builder, and Packet Player.

Security and System Administration
Windows SysInternals (Acquired by Microsoft)
SysInternals is a great Web site for both programmers and system administrators.
It provides technical information and advanced freeware utilities, some of them are provided with full source code. They have very useful utilities that you won't find anywhere else.
Very Recommended !

Windows NT/2000 FAQ
Great site, providing hundreds of questions and answers related to Windows NT, Windows 2000, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Outlook, IIS and much more.

Security Software Technologies
Security Software Technologies is a computer security software company providing a great password auditing and recovery application for Windows NT and Windows 2000.
Unfortunately, Their applications is not freeware, but you can try it for 15 days.
Links to commercial password recovery services, password cracking sites, password management software and related sites, services and products.
This Web site provides security checking service: it can scan your computer and find security holes that hackers might use for breaking into your computer. The basic security scan service is free
It also provides some tools and other information related to security.

Network Security Library
This Web site contains wide information about network security. It provides information about Unix, Windows, Netware network, firewalls and more... - computer security resource
Everything related to computer security: articles, books, forms, mailing lists, tool, links to other sites, and more.

General Freeware Web Sites
Free software download, Over 60000 software free downloads
Freeware Guide
This Web site provides a lots of links for freeware programs, sorted by 11 main categories and a lots of sub categories.
Freeware Pro
Freeware Pro provides links to freeware software, sorted by 8 categories.
Completely FREE Software
This Web site provides freeware software for Windows 9x/ME, Windows 3.1 and Dos. It also allows you to purchase a CD with huge collection of freeware programs.
Only Freeware
This Web site provides links to freeware software, sorted by dozens of categories. Free Software
This Web site provides links to freeware software, sorted by 20 categories.
Large database of freeware & shareware downloads
Freeware Download Box
Nice collection of links to freeware downloads, sorted by 16 categories and a lots of sub-categories.
DownloadAtoz - Free Software Download
Offers 60,000+ freeware & shareware for free download.
Visual Basic
This web site provides thousands of free code snippets and full Visual Basic projects. New code snippets are added every day.
Very recommended !
This web site contains thousands of free code snippets.
Very recommended.
VBnet: Developers Resource Center
This web site provides great API library that shows how to use Win32 APIs in Visual Basic. You can also find there a code library for other issues, FAQs, links and more.
Andrea VB Programming and free downloads
AndreaVB provides free Visual Basic source code, tips and tricks, printing and programming techniques, discussion board and downloads all for free.
Planet Source Code - Visual Basic
This web site contains thousands of free code snippets and Visual Basic projects, sorted by more than 20 categories. Visual Basic Resources
This web site contains ActiveX controls, Visual Basic code library, Visual Basic tools and more...
VB-World Web site provides tutorials, articles, code snippets and more...
TheScarms Visual Basic Code Library
TheScarms Visual Basic Code Library is dedicated to providing solutions to hard to solve programming issues. Problems covered those that are difficult to solve solely with Visual Basic. Many solutions rely heavily on the Microsoft Windows API functions.
This Web site provides tips and code snippets for Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML and more.
VB Helper
VB Helper Web site provides Visual Basic tips, tricks and sample programs, sorted by categories.
Visual Basic Web Magazine
This Web site provides code snippets, tips, articles and other resources related to Visual Basic. - Visual Basic
This Web site contains Visual Basic Source code snippets, projects, ActiveX, tutorials, FAQ and more.
Visual Basic Resource
This Web site provides free Visual Basic tutorials, sample projects, chat room, and links to other Visual Basic sites.
Extreme VB
Extreme VB is a visual basic help site that has a huge archive of downloadable sources and tutorials. This site is designed for both beginner and advanced programmers.
A1VBCode: The VB Source Code Site
Thousands of free Visual Basic code snippet and applications. The site is updated daily.
Visual Basic Code Network
This Web site has a Large database of code snippets, tutorials, tools and more... This site is updated daily, and it also provides free E-Mail service.

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