Hash Check For Downloaded Tools

You can use the following hashes to verify that the file you downloaded is identical to the file on the nirsoft.net server. When there are multiple downloads for the same software, you should compare the hashes of the same filename that you downloaded. You can click the hash in order to copy the hash to the clipboard.
Optionally, you can use the HashMyFiles tool to calculate the hashes of downloaded files and then when you click the hash on this Web page and it's copied to the clipboard, HashMyFiles automatically marks the file in light-green color if the hashes are identical.

You can also use the BrowserDownloadsView tool to automatically calculate the hash of downloaded files. Simply select one or more download items in the main window of BrowserDownloadsView, and from the right-click context menu choose the desired hash (MD5 or SHA1 or SHA256 or SHA512) and the calculated hash will appear under the hash column. After the hash is calculated, you can press Ctrl+H to copy the hash to the clipboard.

Be aware that the hashes in this page are updated every few minutes. If you download a file immediately after a new release, you might see here the hashes of previous file.

What to do if the hash on your system is different from the hash displayed on this Web page ?

  • Check if you have any Antivirus or Firewall that blocked the downloaded file or put it in quarantine. There are some Antivirus programs that may detect the downloaded file as a threat and modify it without telling you.
  • Try to clear the cache of your Web browser and download the file again or try to download the file from another Web browser.

Filename browseraddonsview.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/browseraddonsview.zip
File Size 222831 Bytes
Update Time April 29 2022 10:13:54
MD5 Hash 74f600bf733f83abe680e33b3ea8bb21
SHA1 Hash ff28b0157b49e2e49756e49b233a4b48198b79e1
SHA256 Hash 241ba62208754c76c0b76623b8799597cf11b2d3a6154de976d4f5078ddaee89
SHA512 Hash 563d2cf87b1c3aaa53d43807da1dd0252a42d5bf0ec60b915fd9f604fc19d479e849638f97d646d2bf2cbf394c247e1a76cec924bb9594376c241cadd57f4e9c

Filename browseraddonsview-x64.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/browseraddonsview-x64.zip
File Size 270512 Bytes
Update Time April 29 2022 10:13:55
MD5 Hash 8c8aed9a1c4269f48783b2efa5332e9d
SHA1 Hash dd1bafbbc79498784faabe8fccdc669be5592a5c
SHA256 Hash 4ba0ce604d807d59c2ab855dcd9b278f174f53614cd1094130df20d1c7f0cc34
SHA512 Hash e706b164307ea888cdd334bd484b9fb191d22acbd816082a146a05151cdcd462c7e7781539ed09514e781defe269a15ab2bca21a2d5844bd5be3d0f856141781

Filename BrowserAddonsView.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/browseraddonsview.zip
File Size 339832 Bytes
Update Time April 29 2022 17:13:50
MD5 Hash 5c585b3112b003242b4728405745481d
SHA1 Hash f9d4b75527366686167cab97f0dbd9e40861a4a2
SHA256 Hash 0d9da26aebc3f81cdedd254dd2238e709f662311d3dc56fe45a4c1edcd1a0d14
SHA512 Hash 0ea9bde650a7c3a6225049ab39c9f946ea479ff88c236417f878e04734998f33bb42252c30660e4eb784adc86d89324c7d61dc62d42b64ce0acb836e2db34ef2

Filename BrowserAddonsView.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/browseraddonsview-x64.zip
File Size 466808 Bytes
Update Time April 29 2022 17:13:54
MD5 Hash 25d35c17fffc44a03563a18d39844337
SHA1 Hash 111d4ed53e93719492a1848cececccf3f29369ab
SHA256 Hash 973e54947e8095f2b4206271dbea4461096d3d2e5358b9f794b1d0ff9331320b
SHA512 Hash 74cbd63378e9a48f07ebbe346b9d2e1b70b9c58dc47be61658dec8544e8da90bc976a7edbcc39bbf51a5b80183eed8a4af612a21271be90b0f87b7ca7aa019ac