Hash Check For Downloaded Tools

You can use the following hashes to verify that the file you downloaded is identical to the file on the nirsoft.net server. When there are multiple downloads for the same software, you should compare the hashes of the same filename that you downloaded. You can click the hash in order to copy the hash to the clipboard.
Optionally, you can use the HashMyFiles tool to calculate the hashes of downloaded files and then when you click the hash on this Web page and it's copied to the clipboard, HashMyFiles automatically marks the file in light-green color if the hashes are identical.

You can also use the BrowserDownloadsView tool to automatically calculate the hash of downloaded files. Simply select one or more download items in the main window of BrowserDownloadsView, and from the right-click context menu choose the desired hash (MD5 or SHA1 or SHA256 or SHA512) and the calculated hash will appear under the hash column. After the hash is calculated, you can press Ctrl+H to copy the hash to the clipboard.

Be aware that the hashes in this page are updated every few minutes. If you download a file immediately after a new release, you might see here the hashes of previous file.

What to do if the hash on your system is different from the hash displayed on this Web page ?

  • Check if you have any Antivirus or Firewall that blocked the downloaded file or put it in quarantine. There are some Antivirus programs that may detect the downloaded file as a threat and modify it without telling you.
  • Try to clear the cache of your Web browser and download the file again or try to download the file from another Web browser.

Filename mobilefilesearch.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/mobilefilesearch.zip
File Size 78083 Bytes
Update Time December 03 2020 14:49:42
MD5 Hash b9100cd46c62f2eb52133d96840ae0a6
SHA1 Hash 1ecf8864c4a219a3956b9c9a5d76c11050956e45
SHA256 Hash 9e4161c4ab356901e61da0fef2b0dd0acede72b5bf5fa87217d983a6e9410c0a
SHA512 Hash cdae7092c9dd20de864bf07ed7ea772f92ce4c251af33c33aba388875f864f717530b594a81b47253e3ac0800e7e5783b37a49f15887c939a6aaac0cc247252e

Filename mobilefilesearch-x64.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/mobilefilesearch-x64.zip
File Size 94621 Bytes
Update Time December 03 2020 14:49:42
MD5 Hash bf5771a3d44dbceb7a97be6de20b086b
SHA1 Hash b75a9f8c24de17152c9f4be0ab0a3c765f6075ce
SHA256 Hash 236155f22007d9b2b328f267bac2396b327add4cd19b360323581f9be48885bd
SHA512 Hash 6b71f4e8c8effddc45b008c447b586c0593a262060e8a26bf2cb3fb92ffc76413c4a6d45efd00f4b5b592cd6ed0fb52042ad3d61682d8ec0ee06cd056b90f2a7

Filename MobileFileSearch.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/mobilefilesearch.zip
File Size 117624 Bytes
Update Time December 03 2020 21:49:38
MD5 Hash 2235c4aadea9a0ba0e62ba19b329d448
SHA1 Hash 656d0ae98d2dd31630c96d746dbcee03b2234d10
SHA256 Hash 01dc5894536353550d0e1b270229f4d7892912ed156e2aba885808df006cc753
SHA512 Hash 6a56e6c98b191248a78f42bef77e144f2b9d22d121a13f04f5238d5c79fc5100e10b8edb8227706cd9c2e2e436df29025d7fc1f3a334f5d9d17aa2357db57e2d

Filename MobileFileSearch.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/mobilefilesearch-x64.zip
File Size 159608 Bytes
Update Time December 03 2020 21:49:42
MD5 Hash 8756044aaf3d30da67a8037b16eb2f0f
SHA1 Hash 9a9f13f9119232b3b2e1fb85664aa5080ea5266a
SHA256 Hash c1acafca2ba1792b9d67e0d477c4367727ce1767a7ce44e5023bbb8321bc9628
SHA512 Hash 11553c3220bb89902e842e6faa59c5a950b5ddbf226fe718c2b5b1380eaf4b48319f5090d21de9ade0be6466771718af6c4a351c7ba9bd3c3508e1d8fc2e0588