Hash Check For Downloaded Tools

You can use the following hashes to verify that the file you downloaded is identical to the file on the nirsoft.net server. When there are multiple downloads for the same software, you should compare the hashes of the same filename that you downloaded. You can click the hash in order to copy the hash to the clipboard.
Optionally, you can use the HashMyFiles tool to calculate the hashes of downloaded files and then when you click the hash on this Web page and it's copied to the clipboard, HashMyFiles automatically marks the file in light-green color if the hashes are identical.

You can also use the BrowserDownloadsView tool to automatically calculate the hash of downloaded files. Simply select one or more download items in the main window of BrowserDownloadsView, and from the right-click context menu choose the desired hash (MD5 or SHA1 or SHA256 or SHA512) and the calculated hash will appear under the hash column. After the hash is calculated, you can press Ctrl+H to copy the hash to the clipboard.

Be aware that the hashes in this page are updated every few minutes. If you download a file immediately after a new release, you might see here the hashes of previous file.

What to do if the hash on your system is different from the hash displayed on this Web page ?

  • Check if you have any Antivirus or Firewall that blocked the downloaded file or put it in quarantine. There are some Antivirus programs that may detect the downloaded file as a threat and modify it without telling you.
  • Try to clear the cache of your Web browser and download the file again or try to download the file from another Web browser.

Filename usbdeview.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usbdeview.zip
File Size 98973 Bytes
Update Time September 10 2020 09:49:31
MD5 Hash 459d5113b5b28695b732f83b0a08439a
SHA1 Hash 1739f34f0de0104a64a9484d6609f3311c6a5ee3
SHA256 Hash 8305bc7fb568395d484b6c1ff84d1c8d12454307f9d2906d54d19ea8b385771c
SHA512 Hash 52dcb2b8499add581c9d1ebb2ef2fcaafd179c026b3c47bf3a754951bc1e77faf88b3d5920ed579fe298d3ea757ce08f9ccea6a3e3aac7d118614394f275cd92

Filename usbdeview-x64.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usbdeview-x64.zip
File Size 122235 Bytes
Update Time September 10 2020 09:49:32
MD5 Hash d0f56097feff0bf77a011de10d3e6617
SHA1 Hash 1cb5b2439b6549fa837a159e3d7425d336470d0a
SHA256 Hash bc64eb677027f19e8bade7eeaba9b0b820d524aeec42c7ee92e3fd651ccf3d7a
SHA512 Hash bdcbe7b03bd630682ba701677914d0d27d6ec672683fe9f16811d83ba0574d6ee54072fe9b09a86aa6ebb7776e80d32e52337b38ce05e71c45398c773cca50b1

Filename USBDeview.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usbdeview.zip
File Size 135544 Bytes
Update Time September 10 2020 16:49:28
MD5 Hash 2a689273f2ef3979e51bc075bbc18e06
SHA1 Hash 0caad8d8394bf6b7195b5efd1cdcaa2b0c2bdf55
SHA256 Hash 5995d5d669dc68bcd4dc674efd0a3f1a66e531a92ad56780d9b5d10304a4bedf
SHA512 Hash 22dd6a8f799dda1564c2515fcc3ce0bd4efc3ab05891514a28eccaf25bb2b1c75519a373a180c8f27a06c155dcecda6034e21c285dccebe6b57a9ab59b2e2a69

Filename USBDeview.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usbdeview-x64.zip
File Size 190840 Bytes
Update Time September 10 2020 16:49:32
MD5 Hash 3da63b6b6e5dca86cce689eabeff483f
SHA1 Hash c56357c9a7a64888c6425bdecd7c3220dd6be358
SHA256 Hash 23bbad16e80152992f471086b816ad8e0a2a879dff2673403d2d0ba4e0c6f510
SHA512 Hash ac896e148dc48d33730f1c79b72a5a3e38ffbbd6b98e482572515a8c0287f4df5ff87f4e89d67f3ed9692aed78bc2a7c9d687e0d0ee51b22a3592d08ad08b620