Hash Check For Downloaded Tools

You can use the following hashes to verify that the file you downloaded is identical to the file on the nirsoft.net server. When there are multiple downloads for the same software, you should compare the hashes of the same filename that you downloaded. You can click the hash in order to copy the hash to the clipboard.
Optionally, you can use the HashMyFiles tool to calculate the hashes of downloaded files and then when you click the hash on this Web page and it's copied to the clipboard, HashMyFiles automatically marks the file in light-green color if the hashes are identical.

You can also use the BrowserDownloadsView tool to automatically calculate the hash of downloaded files. Simply select one or more download items in the main window of BrowserDownloadsView, and from the right-click context menu choose the desired hash (MD5 or SHA1 or SHA256 or SHA512) and the calculated hash will appear under the hash column. After the hash is calculated, you can press Ctrl+H to copy the hash to the clipboard.

Be aware that the hashes in this page are updated every few minutes. If you download a file immediately after a new release, you might see here the hashes of previous file.

What to do if the hash on your system is different from the hash displayed on this Web page ?

  • Check if you have any Antivirus or Firewall that blocked the downloaded file or put it in quarantine. There are some Antivirus programs that may detect the downloaded file as a threat and modify it without telling you.
  • Try to clear the cache of your Web browser and download the file again or try to download the file from another Web browser.

Filename whoisconnectedsniffer.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/whoisconnectedsniffer.zip
File Size 347742 Bytes
Update Time February 05 2022 20:15:03
MD5 Hash b7f3d62fd6632b34b6857146f5df9aca
SHA1 Hash 8e3b63f669f449fba7190518c2c71b2410c69c4b
SHA256 Hash fe4cc8f7eb4f4190ec3608a4e5a0bfd289bd1f0d9784cf6803752df9119b7ee0
SHA512 Hash b2ff1900ecdc9c374bcbc9e05f5e9006785024f1b553ae324b6c47279f0812aba5da8c6e8ac8ef7b95c0fbf17c8761d41b62ace5aa0c1d2a2e30f745aa565413

Filename whoisconnectedsniffer-x64.zip
Download URL https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/whoisconnectedsniffer-x64.zip
File Size 439832 Bytes
Update Time February 05 2022 20:15:03
MD5 Hash e0231341ef3110290fd7d59e79f39072
SHA1 Hash 53c3841dc05838f86c09ec19bea2bc40001077e3
SHA256 Hash a69332cf6c01cae1379b13537057b99c5f6b3413c4bd427b49ce4fcad6b721e8
SHA512 Hash c9a31b681f0a6043edb7d00887714c441af1d0fdd64c1e003c21016584277a07fa03f60298884be8b2cef0d1aab90f013e8348905c057ea9ee9cd767e0176297

Filename WhoIsConnectedSniffer.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/whoisconnectedsniffer.zip
File Size 341880 Bytes
Update Time February 06 2022 03:14:58
MD5 Hash 9f443641c781fbde6e4c2afda71d5412
SHA1 Hash df10842eb6647d679d24b2a50e2eb1c1c217df99
SHA256 Hash df728cce1a0ae5772d18619f9b421fc165e23b543b247936b01c44228a8ddadc
SHA512 Hash 85bc7632eb1380f99937d956c7eec5877db9f51b80e96c8dbdeedb65a1b90f943d82e6a94d20915e402e59c49ab40492cbcab1eba00cd03898cbea5787549aea

Filename WhoIsConnectedSniffer.exe
Stored In https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/whoisconnectedsniffer-x64.zip
File Size 1152888 Bytes
Update Time February 06 2022 03:15:02
MD5 Hash 1ae9ea61f5e01c0067c4ff1797b0aec1
SHA1 Hash bee07d3a96340d5f2d86c0a3c4f4eab5d9e2b8b2
SHA256 Hash 0c2ecdf4ffa41aca379c44e21792767ed3e7bab091657dc84e6abc7caf6547f6
SHA512 Hash b14351df4440a6e86b65cf27d59cb01c21f5477c9fd28f9c96872098c2d31797c5f5ed520fad25997e0709b6ad4507922e0d8e3ccb6a54576e05f41edaf5e90b