Installing the utilities at NirSoft Web site

All utilities at this Web site are compressed in Zip files.
Generally, there are 2 methods to install the utilities from this Web site: You can manually extract the files from the Zip files , or you can install the utilities by using the ZipInstaller application.

Here's a little description about each installation method:

  • Manual Installation: All utilities at this Web site are standalone executables, and they mostly don't require any installation process or additional DLLs. (However, there are few exceptions in some utilities, so it is always recommended to look at the readme file.)
    In order to manually install a utility, simply extract all files to any folder you want, and start using it by running the executable file. you can extract the files by using any tool that can open Zip files, like WinZip or CAM UnZip.
    You must be aware that if you manually install a utility, you won't be able to automatically remove it by using the "Add/Remove Programs" module. In order to remove a utility that you have installed manually - simply delete the files that you extracted from the Zip file.
  • Automatic Installation: In order to automatically install a utility, you have to use the ZipInstaller application. ZipInstaller automatically extracts all files from the Zip file into the installation folder you select, creates shortcuts on your desktop and in the Start Menu (according to your selection), and the most important thing - it add a record to the "Add/Remove Programs" module in order to allow you to automatically uninstall the software in the future.
    If you want to read more about the ZipInstaller utility, click here.
    In order to download ZipInstaller, click here.