HideThisApp plugin for Volumouse


HideThisApp is a plugin for Volumouse utility that allows you to easily hide the current active window by pressing a key combination (hot-key). Pressing another key combination will show back the window that you previously hide.

Installing And Using HideThisApp Plugin

  1. Copy the plugin file (HideThisApp.vpl) into the folder of Volumnouse.
  2. Exit from Volumouse and run it again.
  3. In Volumouse, in one of the rules, select 'Hide/Show Active Window' as a component.
  4. Under 'Use the wheel when:' choose 'Use hot-keys instead of mouse wheel'
  5. In the Advanced rule options: Select hot-keys for hiding and showing the active window. (Increase = Hot-key for hiding the window, Decrease = show back the hidden window)
  6. In the Indicator type select 'None'.

  7. Click Ok in the Advanced Rules dialog-box, and then in the main Volumouse options dialog-box.
  8. Now... go to the window that you wish to hide and press your hot-key combination (in our case, it's Ctrl+Shift+H) If you did everything right, the window should disappear from your desktop. To return back the hidden window , press the 'Decrease' hot-key. (in our case, it's Ctrl+Shift+S)

Download HideThisApp Plugin (in zip file)
Download HideThisApp Plugin for x64 (in zip file)
Download The Source Code Of HideThisApp plugin (For Visual Studio 2005)