MoveResize plugin for Volumouse


MoveResize is a plugin for Volumouse utility that allows you to resize or move the current active window by rolling the mouse wheel or by pressing a hot-key , according to the rules that you define in Volumouse.

MoveResize adds 3 components to Volumouse:

  1. Resize Active Window: Change the size of the active window
  2. Move Active Window - Horizontal: Move the active window horizontally.
  3. Move Active Window - Vertical: Move the active window vertically.

Installing And Using The MoveResize Plugin

  1. Copy the plugin file (MoveResize.vpl) into the folder of Volumnouse.
  2. Exit from Volumouse and run it again.
  3. After you run Volumouse again, you should see the 3 new components of MoveResize plugin in the components combo-box
  4. Create a new rule with one of the 3 components of MoveResize plugin.
  5. In the advanced rule window, set the 'Indicator Type' to none.
  6. After setting the rule, choose a window on the screen that you wish to move or resize, and roll the wheel (or press the right hot-key) according to what you defined in the rule.

Download MoveResize Plugin (in zip file)
Download MoveResize Plugin for x64 (in zip file)
Download The Source Code Of MoveResize plugin (For Visual Studio 2005)