Friday, March 20, 2009

Important fixed bugs for Outlook .NK2 viewer

For very long time, I receive reports from people which says that my NK2View utility
doesn't show all NK2 records stored in the file. some others reported that NK2View fails to add new items into the file.
Until now, I couldn't figure out exactly what is wrong.
A few days ago, I received a sample .NK2 file that reproduces both of these problems.
I looked into this file, and I found out that one of the records contains a special multi-values binary field that I have never encountered before. NK2view couldn't parse this kind of field, and thus the parsing process of the rest of the file was failed too.
Also, I found out that this file contained a sequence of "dead" records (old records that Outlook doesn't use anymore) in the end of the file, and these records caused NK2view to add new records improperly, and thus both Outlook and my NK2View tool failed to read these new records.

After what I found, I made a serious of changes that fixed both of these problems.
If you used NK2View in the past and you had one of the mentioned problems,
you can try to download the new version of NK2View and see if it solves your problems too.


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