Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whois utility now displays 'Expires On', 'Created On', and 'Last Updated On' columns

The new version of WhoisThisDomain utility (v1.40) displays 3 new columns: 'Expires On', 'Created On', and 'Last Updated On'. These columns are automatically filled for .com and .net domains registered with major Registrar, like GoDaddy and Network Solutions.
Unfortunately, there is no standard for displaying the expire/created dates in the WHOIS response, and each WHOIS server send these dates in different format, so I cannot insure that this feature will work for every WHOIS request.

Also, there are many WHOIS servers that don't provide the expire/created datea at all, so in this case, WhoisThisDomain will never be able to display them.


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