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What's New 
12/08/2017 Update: VaultPasswordView v1.07
09/08/2017 Update: ChromeCookiesView v1.45
08/08/2017 Update: OutlookAddressBookView v2.15
07/08/2017 Update: BrowsingHistoryView v2.10
06/08/2017 Update: TaskSchedulerView v1.35
03/08/2017 Update: SoundVolumeView v1.70
02/08/2017 Update: FolderChangesView v2.11
01/08/2017 New: TimeZonesView v1.00
31/07/2017 Update: UninstallView v1.13
30/07/2017 Update: FolderTimeUpdate v1.50
27/07/2017 Update: WifiInfoView v2.27
26/07/2017 Update: OutlookAttachView v3.05
25/07/2017 Update: LoadedDllsView v1.01
24/07/2017 Update: OutlookAddressBookView v2.13
23/07/2017 Update: ESEDatabaseView v1.54
22/07/2017 Update: ChromeCacheView v1.76
21/07/2017 Update: UninstallView v1.12
20/07/2017 Update: ChromeHistoryView v1.31
19/07/2017 Update: SimpleWMIView v1.32
18/07/2017 Update: RouterPassView v1.71
17/07/2017 Update: WakeMeOnLan v1.80

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